Dungeon Break – Like the old-styled Gauntlet on your smartphone

Every evil soul has it’s own heart and a tear downs from my eye when I play this piece of museum. It remember my that great game called Gauntlet, how many time spent playing this game…


Well the game that here shows is an android one, with a lot of things in common with the old styled one. Your character starts in a dungeon with a lot of enemies to kill and treasures to pick.

The gameplay is easte the only goal you have to achieve is to exit the dungeon alive.

In your journey you will have to spell some powerfull casts like “freeze” that will stop for a moment all your enemies or “bomb” that will kill all the enemies near you. One peculiarity is that you could not spell the fireball cast without your magic wonder.

I had tons of fun on the dungeon playing Dungeon Break

Score: 80 / 100

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